Crimean Development Corporation is a regional development institution established on 25 November 2015 at the initiative of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea with a view to improving the business climate of the Republic of Crimea, carrying out investment activities and attracting investments in the priority sectors of the economy of the Republic of Crimea, creating a tool to implement the regional investment strategy, developing and implementing the Republic of Crimea territorial development investment projects, setting up and developing industrial parks, as well as developing public-private partnership in the Republic of Crimea. The Company’s headquarters is located in Simferopol.

The establishment of the Corporation was a necessity at the stage of introduction in the Republic of Crimea of the federal and regional economic standards which proved their effectiveness and of system integration of the Republic of Crimea, as a subject of the Russian Federation, into the common economic space of the Russian Federation.

The Corporation interacts with regional executive authorities, development institutions, private investors and investment funds to create a favorable investment climate and implement the regional investment strategy by way of attracting investments in priority sectors of the regional economy, in particular, in the development of public-private partnership.

The activities of the Corporation include:

  • acting as a specialized entity for attracting investments and working with investors on the basis of “one-stop” principle;  
  • acting as a technical customer in the construction of industrial parks and filling them with residents; and
  • implementing both own and joint business projects.

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