Bakhchisaray industrial park

Project description:

The park is planned to be built near the city of Bakhchisaray on a 97.25 hectares plot of land. The land is owned by the Republic of Crimea. The park’s favorable location (between the major cities of Simferopol and Sevastopol) and the availability of natural resources makes it possible to place the following in its territory:

  • a construction and repair wholesale and logistics center;
  • furniture and metal-plastic windows manufacturing facilities;
  • production facilities for environmentally friendly building materials using local raw materials;
  • a production and warehouse complex for small and medium-sized businesses;
  • manufacture of polycarbonate and building materials of a wide range, as well as an integrated homebuilding factory.


Participation terms and conditions:

  • Residents provided a plot of land for placement of production facilities on long-term lease terms with pre-emptive right.
  • Energy resources provided depending on residents’ needs on the basis of technical specifications supplied.


Location: Bakhchisaray


Total area: 97.25 ha


Amount of investment: to be determined by investor


Industrial site implementation time:

The development of design and technical documentation is in progress. Until December 2019, the plot of land is planned to be provided with a transport and engineering infrastructure with the construction of administrative facilities. The conclusion of agreements with the management company has been made possible for residents since July 2017. The industrial park infrastructure may be built simultaneously with the investment project implementation. The functions of the park management company will be carried out by Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea, JSC.


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